• icon-calendar Fridays 12:30–13:15 Term time only
  • icon-circle 8 months - 2 years
  • icon-cost £6.25
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Woodkirk Valley Country Club

Leeds Country Way
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
West Yorkshire
WF12 7JL

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Fun 45 minute gymnastics and development class aimed at crawling babies and confident walkers 2 years and under.
Parent/Carer attends with child to aid their development/support and bond with them.
Confident Walkers are encouraged to explore and learn to use the large apparatus safely. Climbing, balancing, swinging etc, developing their gross motor and social skills.
Crawling Babies and Wobbly Walkers not yet ready to tackle the large equipment have development toys in the centre of the room to aid their progress onto the large equipment.
After approx 15 minutes of 'free play' we break to circle time. A register is taken and we warm our bodies up with fun seated action songs linked to the theme of the class. Fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, counting etc. is then taught through small Hand Apparatus. A picture is then shown that children try to identify, it links once again to the theme of the term and also the new skill being taught each week, this is mainly as a challenge for the older children. Each child interprets the skill their own way and there is no right or wrong way nor is there any pressure to perform.
Free play is resumed where all the apparatus is back in use. We also teach forward/backward rolls and tipped handstands during this time.
Finally we cool-down our bodies with calming action songs and finish with a Goodbye song and bubbles.


Booking info & prices

  • Term Ticket: £6.25 (per class)
Siblings & Discounts
  • Single Session: £6.95

Booking info & prices

  • Term Ticket: £6.25 (per class)
Siblings & Discounts
  • Single Session: £6.95

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